Established in 2016 Found is a Hampshire based architecture visualisation studio specialising in computer generated imagery of the un-built environment.

Founded by Chris, an architect and photographer - we have a strong passion and enthusiasm for high quality architecture and design.

Paying close attention to light, materials and atmosphere, we collaborate with architects, designers, and developers, on both local and international projects.

Our architectural background enables us to understand how buildings are perceived and how people will respond to our imagery. 

This provides a huge benefit in helping clients gain planning permissions, press coverage, and market high-end commercial and residential property.

Furthermore (and most importantly), we understand the design process intimately through many years of personal experience, and develop all projects through a considered and iterative discussion process.

In taking time to understand a scheme’s narrative, our approach is kept unique to each proposal, paying special attention to the people, place, and message the images want to convey.

Found - Hampshire based architectural visualization

It is this approach that has cemented on-going working relationships with many of our clients.

…If you have a project you’d like to collaborate on please get in touch via the link below.